Hauptstutbuch Aida 

DeNiro / Rubinstein / Akzent II
Fusion's Dam

Aida's foals are characterized by their super movements and great personalities.
 Her Full  brother of 2008 was approved as a stallion and is at Ferienhof Stuker. 

Her Full brother of 2009 was sold to Croatia and will soon be inspected as a breeding stallion and do his inpection with help from Ramsbrock training stable.

At the Bockmann Stallion Show held on March 5, 2011, Georg Brueggemann, the breeder of Fusion recieved a special invitation to attend.  He and 10-15 others were honored for their success in their breeding programs!  Fusion is very proud of her family in Germany!!

Also at Stall Bockmann, you find Aida's Sire DeNiro!

Little baby Fusion in Germany


Fidertanz/ Deniro/ Rubinstein

After a very successful year of winning many breed show championships, Fusion represented the Hanoverains at Equine Affair in Mass.  

Fusion in 2014 coming back into work

Fusion is a Dark Brown 2007 Hanoverian mare with four white socks and a blaze.  She won multiple breed show championships.  She was 5th in the USA for her inspection with RPSI!  She won several Material classes and placed Fifth at Devon. She had an injury as a 5 year old and recovered as a 6 year old.