Shutterfly's Buzz

Grand Champion Future Event Horse
Reserve Grand Champion Dressage Sport Horse Breeding
Champion 2 year old Oldenburg Hoy

Above is a picture of Buzz winning her Reserve Grand Championship at the USDF Finals.  Also pictured is Phil Silva her handler and Kendra Hansis with her Champion mare, Raleska


Neda Year End Reserve Champion 3 year old

Kween Bee

Reserve Champion yearling Trakehner Hoy


Shutterfly's Buzz

Reserve Champion Oldenburg Gov Material 4/5 year old Mare

Kween Bee

Champion Material 3 year old New England Dressage Association
Champion Material 3 year old Trakehner
Reserve Champion 3 year old filly DSHB Trakehner

Prolonging the Magic

CHAMPION Yearling Filly New England Dressage Associtation
#3 overall United States Dressage Federation Yearling Filly
Champion Yearling Westphalian

.Einsteins Big Idea

Champion New England Dressage Association Material 3 year Old
#3 USDF Dressage Sport Horse Breeding Colts overall
Reserve Champion NEDA Dressage Sport Horse In Hand
Champion Westphalian Material 3 year old
Champion 3 year old Dressage Sport Horse Breeding

Kween Bee

Champion Trakehner FEI 4 year old

General Patton

#3 Grand Champion Future Event Horse
Champion Yearling Future Event Horse
Champion Westphalian Dressage Sport horse breeding


We also competed in Einstein's first 1 Level test 3!  

Pictured above is Maggie (Prolonging the Magic) at HITS, her first show undersaddle!!!

This was a rebuilding year for Stix and Stones.  After begining the year in a car wreck that totaled our Mini Cooper, it was several months of recovery for both Eric and I.  Einstien also had his incredible lens replacement surgery!  I did compete him in 2 FEI 4 year old classes that he won with solid scores in the mid 70's!  I was not able to get any more scores but I was so pleased that we were able to get in condition and compete by the end of the summer!! I also competed Maggie at her first show at HITS as a 3 year old filly!  The Judge Anne Gribbons was so pleased with her rideability!  We had to ride in the actual dressage ring with compeition going on all around us!  Maggie at that time still looked like a two year old, but we have discovered what a brain she has.  




Scores 8.88 FEI 4 year old in Vermont
Reserve Grand Champion Pineland Farms, Maine
Champion Mature Mare NEDA
Champion Material Mare NEDA
Number 4 Material USDF


Grand Champion NJHP
Reserve Grand Champion USDF Breeders Championships
Champion Yearling NEDA


Hanoverian inspection Champion and Mare Performance Champion 
Number 5 Inspection Mare Overall for American Hanoverian Society scores ( due to her dressage )

Grand Champion Central Maine Dresssage Association
Reserve Grand Champion USDF Breeders Championships
Champion 2 year old NEDA

Shutterfly's Buzz
Filly Champion NJHP USDF
Filly Champion Paduka Run USDF
Zone 1 USEF Reserve Champion Hunter Breeding



Champion 2 year old NEDA
Reserve Grand Champion USDF Breeders Championships
Champion Hunter Breeding Zone 1


Prince of the Moon

Champion Connecticut Freestyle 4th Level Year End Awards
Reserve Champion Freestyly NEDA
Reserve Champion Great American Region 8 USDF Championships 4th Level Freestyle
Reserve Champion Connecticut freestyle Championships
Champion Connecticut Prix St. George


Champion 3 year old NEDA
3rd in USA for USDF 3 year old filly