I also began riding at this time with Hartwig Burfeind, winner of the German Professional Riders Chamionships in 2009, 2010, and 2011. I rode with Hartwig for 7 years! He taught me very specific how to ride every movement in Dressage and how to train my horse Jordan.  We trained to the Intermediare Level, until Jordan had an injury and had to take some time off.  

I continued showing in my early teens with Babette Sand and Reinhard Teetor in the Equitation and Large Junior Hunter classes

My parents put me on a horses back before I could walk!  I was showing horses at 4 years old!  I continued in Equitation and hunter classes even showing a Stalllion at 9-11 years old jumping in the 3' 3" hunter divisions!  

My mother and father continued the tradition in the 70's breeding many Appaloosa's, Morgan's, and thoroughbreds for ridning horses and show.  

Horse breeding began in our family when my Great Grandmother and Great Grandfather bought this farm in the early 1900's.  The style of horses bred then were big old draft horses!  .

Then in the late 90's working with the great bit maker Jay Kay Shuttleworth and crew riding various horses for Jay and John from Rabbit Hill Farm and catch riding all the bad horses at HITS, getting them to Jump around the course in schooling and low jumpers.  I showed my own horses in various jumper classes winning many championships in the Open Jumpers and Mini Prix's

We then began working with Katja Eilers We won many Championships including the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Level freestyle Championships!

When Jordan was 4 years old, I was practicing a jumping course in preparation to show at the St. Clements Saratoga Horse Show and he bucked me off and then proceded to stomp on my arm, breaking it in 2 places!  At the time he was boarded at a Dressage barn.  I was convinced by many there to try Dressage!  Well my Jumping trainers have always had me take dressage as a good base for my jumping.   I had ridden with Prince Karl Von Auersberg of the Spanish Riding School, Kim Walnes, Janet Black, and of course my mothers favorite Mr. Gruel who lived just below MT Valley Hunt club in Southbury, CT  who was one of the best horse trainer that I have ever seen in Dressage in my life!  Well I decided to give it a try with a start with a few lessons from Lendon Gray and then a few shows.... and we won!

I meanwhile had bought my horse Prince of the Moon, "Jordan" and we worked with Bob Ortan learning all the in hand techniques and won several breed shows!  

My early 20's brought Several years training with Michael Page and Jack Rockwell who subbed in for Michael with me when he was working with Mclain Ward. We showed in and won many Marshall and Sterling classes and Amatuer Owner Jumper classes.   We did very well and placed at Washington Intenational!

Today, we continue to work with several trainers, always expanding our education in handling of young stock, stallions and older horses.  I work closely with my trainers known as "The Bills" and work with both Bill Warren and Bill McMullen.  Where we have continued success with all my young horses we bring up through the ranks of dressage!  

Then at 16 began riding with Todd Karn and showing in the Medal and Maclay.