Einstein's Big Idea, Ehrenwart / Fuerst Heinrich is a Westphalian born 4 / 2010.  He was gelded before import to the USA from Germany in the spring of 2013.  It is said that Ehrenwart gives rideability along with smooth easy to ride gaits to his offspring.  Furst Heinrich passes on beauty, type, willingness to work and spectacular conformation.  So far Einstein has had a very willing attitude in training that goes above and beyond expectations.  He is a very loving horse that gets along with every other horse you put him with.  He craves attention from humans and loves to be a clown!  He allows praise to be a crucial part of his life through  the use of positive reinforcement in his training.  He was purchased to be an upper level dressage horse which he absoluetly can accomplish.  But there was a discovery made during his winter training through excerising in the jump shoot!  He jumped higher than any horse on the grounds with large spreads with ease!  He powered off the ground tucking his legs up and rounding his back like we have never seen!  All this with rhythm that barely was more than a collected canter!  Einstein is light as a feather  over the jumps with grace and exceptional technique!  He began winning several Championships in hand in Dressage and Eventing!  After winning many Material undersaddle classes ( Champion Region 8, Champion Westphalian ) in dressage and competing as an FEI 4 year old, ( scoring 8 in Canter and 8 in trot!!!! The walk had tension... ) He continued expanding his mind in Aiken South Carolina, jumping and cross country at Fox Frolic Farm for the begining of 2015 with Nick Meyers.  He then returned for spring training at Fitch's Corner in Millbrook NY.  June 1 he moves to training with Booli Selmayr at Fox Race farm. 

As a dressage horse his canter is extraordinary as is his freedom of shoulder.  His hind end is a powerhouse.  Our goal now in training him is to have him gain experience and confidence!  His body frame is very modern.  He is 16.2 and dark brown.  It is very difficult for us to offer him for sale because of the scope and talent this horse possesses.  He is loved by everyone that knows him!  I do not mind keeping him to train as my own dressage horse!  It is also because of this talent I offer him for sale.  I have an up coming Stallion that I will be investing my time and money for my breeding operation and cannot keep a gelding that is not going to contribute to the purpose of my business.  It has been decided by all of his 3 trainers that this horse is slated for a world champion in the Eventing,Jumper, or dressage ring because of his modern body type and his pure strength in the hind end with natural upward tendencies.  This is not my path and I cannot afford to invest in a gelding.  So Einstein is offered for sale.  Please consider amazing horse as your next investment in a once in a lifetime partner!  He is worth every bit of your time to come and give him a try!   He is for sale for your own purchase, but also offer for syndication through Booli Selmayr, would like to make her way with him to  the Olympic Games and World Cup events.  If this interests you to be an owner of Champion of this caliber and be a part of a rider living her dream, do not hesitate to contact us with questions to be a part of this once in a lifetime oportunity!